Sunday, November 29, 2009

This huge pile of garbage is what is piled on many of the streets here now as the garbage hisn't being picked up. Who knows why. It might be that the city is out of money. We'll see if the trucks start picking up on Dec. 1. The other pictures are of a young girl that comes to English class. She invited us to her 18th party, a big one here because then they can drive. The one picture is also of the 7 Catania missionaries.


  1. Naples was using plastic trash bags before we'd seen them in Utah...never have seen so many in one space, however. Hope they do get cleared up soon! Italian kids are still good-looking! And missionaries are a treasure wherever they serve!

  2. That garbage is pretty gross. I bet it stinks. Good luck with that. It is very sweet she invited you to her birthday bash. Love you guys!