Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Hello All, So we are staying so busy that it sometimes is days before we get back to this. Rick was called to be 1st Councelor in the branch presidency of the Sigonella Branch. We are teaching the Advanced English class on T. and Th. which sounds impressive until you think about the fact that we can only speak enough Italian to help those that can already speak fairly good English. They like help with pronunciation and definition so we are reading stories from the Liahona Magazine together. Dad gives a great lesson each night on American words and the different meanings. Tonight was potato and work. They like that. We have several that are now taking missionary lessons (not our doing. They have been with the missionaries for several weeks.) We had transfers last week and Zone Leader Council this week and that always gives us extra work. I make lunch for anywhere from 12 to 20. Rick has all kinds of requests for travel money, etc. We have also given a lesson at zone conference. Then thy pick up teaching supplies which I have to order and gather for each zone. There are always things that pop up to take care of. This morning we had no hot water to shower so cold quick baths had to do. I don't know if last nights winds blew out a pilot light or what. We called a person to come look at the caldaia and they said they would call us tomorrow- you know, domani, dopo domani. I guess here is where the sacrifice really comes in. Also, today I spent 6 hours on the phone trying to get my computer back online.. Tomorrow the Italian server guy is coming by to look at it because we determined it must be a local issue. I hope that's not domani, dopo domaani also because I've got to get orders out. We have learned to love these young missionaries. They are amazing people.


  1. It didn't take long for everyone to recognize your talents and abilities and put you to work. Being a missionary includes a variety of ways to serve. How sweet it is! Love, The Kroffs

  2. Oh, you are so busy!!!!! It's a real plus that you've had experiences in foreign lands "in your past life" to relieve some of the fear & worry that comes in day to day living now. You are doing marvelously!!!!!