Sunday, November 1, 2009

Here it is a most pleasant Sunday...the weather has been around '72 as a high and '58 as a low for the past week. It is with a sense (albeit slight)of guilt that we read of the conditions in Denver etc.

We joined our Mission President and his great wife along with the 6 missionaries here in Catania for a delicious dinner at a Morracan restaurant. It's interesting to note how close Sicily is to Northern Africa and there is a definite influence. We have two 'threesomes' of Anziani (elders) and Sorelle (sisters) for about two weeks awaiting some mid transfer arrivals.

The second picture is of our apartment building. All things considered, quite nice and starting to feel a little like home. When you rent a new apartment here, you basically receive four walls, some outlets and a few plumbing fixtures. Everything else needs to be purchased...everything from closets (wardrobes) to the kitchen sink. All shelves, cupboards, light fixtures etc need to be purchased. Thankfully, we've had couple missionaries here before us who put most of it together.

The Halloween picture is of some members (and mostly non members) who attended last night's fun party. The English classes that the missionaries... ourselves included included...have been teaching, has paid off in investigators (or at least party goers!). We were dressed simply as American tourists, with Sister Crawford's camera playing a key role in the costuming.

We are the only full time couple in the officee. A fine Italian couple serve for 6 hours, 3 days a week which helps us greatly with things requiring a greater knowledge of the language. We're really busy but happy. Zone Leader conference starts tomorrow...always something.

What a delight to serve the Lord and the good people of Southern Italy.


  1. Hey! Thanks! We needed that!!!

  2. Thanks for the details!! Why is Zone Conference busy for you?
    What do you?