Wednesday, August 11, 2010

This first pic is from the Man Family and cousins, friends and family who all came to church to see us off. Many of them received furniture and items from our apartment as we gave stuff away. One of the families is now taking the lessons from the missionaries in Catania. I had to throw the next photo in because I figured the castle looking building would catch the grandchildren's interest. Actually, it was a small part of a stronghold in Erice. Next, Rick and I in front of a beautiful church and piazza in Siracusa. And next, just so you don't think that all we do is play, a picture of our last Zone Conference in Catania (Boo Hoo).

Buona Sera Carisime, We finally have email in our apartment. We went with a company that has a connection with a small device, like a thumb drive, so we had no hook time or fees. What is the type called Derek? The pictures I have posted are from Sicily. The Temple is Segesta, near Trapani. It's amazing. We are in front of a church in Erice. Such beautiful architecture- Rick is in front of the Siracusa chapel with Anziani Cox and Rogers. The last is a picture of the Siracusa Anziani and Sorelle with us on their p-day. We had a great day and the Meduri's (in the back of the picture) had us over for lunch at their home. They are the Italian couple that worked part time with us in the office.