Sunday, September 27, 2009

Looking out to the Ionian Sea and the city of Taormina below. There were spectacular views in every direction. We will be visiting Taormina again and with any of you that come to see us. There are Roman ruins and a Greek Collisium there - beautiful.

This is a farewell luncheon at Fratelli Bufalo. Next to Rick are the Stinebaugh's who we are replacing. At the end of the table are President and Sister Toronto. Across from Rick are the Meduri's, the new Italian part-time missionary couple and behind them are the Nudo's who just completed their mission. He is also the District President over the 12 units in Sicily (branches.)

Monday, September 21, 2009

Well we've been in Catania for one week now and have finally gotten on to the internet from our apartment! Small miracles!! I forgot how things are in Italy...most things work some of the time, some things work most of the time.

We have had a solid week with 50% learning our new tasks and 50% trying to learn the driving routes. And yes, the Sicilian drivers learned how to drive from their friends in Naples (although I think they drive better here!)

President and Sister Toranto are superb and the couple we're replacing, the Stinebaughs have done a very nice job, setting us up well. I'll be interested to compare notes with the Kroffs and Doyles to see how they operate their offices...I know some things are different here.

Happy birthday Liam! We love you all and are enjoying this great opportunity. The Church is true, and is slowly but solidly growing in Catania Italy. Love, Dad and Mom aka Rick and Jan

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

No words- Just pictures to tell the story.
Loved the MTC!!!!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Today marked day one of week two. Now we're learning computer systems (amazing what can be done with the 'new' microsoft word') as well as an introduction to the IMOS...the system we will be using in the mission home. Well, that was the theory as there are still glitches in the system that prohibited all of us from moving around in the system. Maybe tomorrow.

We had a most delightful week end with our family...sporting events, visiting wards, and a two grandcutie birthday party (and how about the Cougs!!) dominated the two days.

Now we're waitingto hear when Chris/Kelly will get their DC tickets as his State Department class begins next week.

Speaking of classes, we had another two hour Italian classe sta sera. Parliamo Italiano solo un po ma forse abbistanza cominciare nostro missione.

The MTC is a beautiful place with the delightful spirit of the Lord found everywhere. May you each have a delightful week. Jan and Rick

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

It's a warm Wednesday night and Mom and I just returned to our room after a rousing two hour Italian session (that followed an 8 hour day of "Preach My Gospel" and hepetitus shots!!). And I am really enjoying the experience as is Mom!

Last night we attended a fireside with Elder Sybrowski or the 2nd Quorum of 70. Although I hadn't heard him before, he and his wife were, we sat in the second row (it pays, at times, to be a 'senior')

We learned today that there will be 9 missionaries (6 elders, 3 sisters) flying with us to Catania. We went over to their study area and met two of the Elders. Well, off to bed.
Talk to you, dad and Rick

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Buon giorno la nostra familia i il nostro amici, Well here we are at the MTC. We arrived excited and ready to start and then I had trouble staying awake during our sessions. I guess the multitude of activities on Sunday got to me. All is well but we miss you all already. Thank you all for your unending support and help in sending us off to share the gospel. We've had two days now of instructions, meeting new friends, learning to give better gospel lessons, good food and inspirational talks. We have a general authority devotional tonight. Love, Jan/Mom