Monday, September 7, 2009

Today marked day one of week two. Now we're learning computer systems (amazing what can be done with the 'new' microsoft word') as well as an introduction to the IMOS...the system we will be using in the mission home. Well, that was the theory as there are still glitches in the system that prohibited all of us from moving around in the system. Maybe tomorrow.

We had a most delightful week end with our family...sporting events, visiting wards, and a two grandcutie birthday party (and how about the Cougs!!) dominated the two days.

Now we're waitingto hear when Chris/Kelly will get their DC tickets as his State Department class begins next week.

Speaking of classes, we had another two hour Italian classe sta sera. Parliamo Italiano solo un po ma forse abbistanza cominciare nostro missione.

The MTC is a beautiful place with the delightful spirit of the Lord found everywhere. May you each have a delightful week. Jan and Rick

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