Wednesday, September 2, 2009

It's a warm Wednesday night and Mom and I just returned to our room after a rousing two hour Italian session (that followed an 8 hour day of "Preach My Gospel" and hepetitus shots!!). And I am really enjoying the experience as is Mom!

Last night we attended a fireside with Elder Sybrowski or the 2nd Quorum of 70. Although I hadn't heard him before, he and his wife were, we sat in the second row (it pays, at times, to be a 'senior')

We learned today that there will be 9 missionaries (6 elders, 3 sisters) flying with us to Catania. We went over to their study area and met two of the Elders. Well, off to bed.
Talk to you, dad and Rick


  1. How fun that you are returning to Italy! It will be fun to follow your blog!
    ~Melissa Kroff Lawrence

  2. We're thrilled knowing you are there, experiencing life in the MTC! Doyles

  3. It is so fun following your blog. We think of you every day and can visualize what you are doing. Julie and I also enjoyed the front row senior section. Make sure you get the blogs of the senior couples you get close to. We did and enjoy following them around their missions and comparing experiences.