Sunday, November 22, 2009

It's almost strange to think that 46 years have passed away since President Kennedy's death.

On a much more enjoyable note, we've spent the past two days attending the Palermo District Conference with Elder Gerald Causse of the 70 presiding. Elder Causse, the first general authority from France, is a member of the first Quorum of the 70 and serves as First Counselor in the European Area.

Yesterday's meetings took place in the little but lovely town of Pergusa located in the center of the Island. Today we meet at a hotel here in Catania. How wonderful to see nearly 1,000 Saints and investigators gathered together in this part of the world. Their enthusiasm and love for the Lord was evident. I've learned that Italians here are not all that much in a hurry to leave when the meeting is over!

It was also good to see some 40 or so missionaries, most with investigators or those thinking to come back into church activity. All told, a most delightful week end.

This past week, Jan and I received our official "permisso" (document) to allow us to stay in the country until our mission ends. This was especially fine in light of the norm being permissos are good for one year...we for some reason were given an extra few months. Considering the time and amazing level of bureaucracy needed in the process, not having to renew ours again is a real blessing!!


  1. How great for you to have your "residency" longer than a year. We have to either renew ours next June, or leave the country (like go to Uruguay) for the day and come back in as a tourist. Then we could remain here for the last three months on tourist status. It would be a pain to go through all the legal stuff again. But I don't know if the President would allow us to leave the mission boundaries.

  2. 46 years! My dad died the month before Pres.Kennedy. Isn't it amazing to see the Italians so much a part of the Church. To see their leadership in the temple here is just a thrill! We'd love to see/hear Elder Causse! We have Elder Kopischke coming to our stake conference in 2 weeks...he's a 70, too, and we've heard him speak--really great! After a year, and with our French legal papers, we are scheduled to get our Swiss legality done!