Friday, June 11, 2010

Hello All, Just a few new pictures to post. First is Rick and I in front of Le Castella near Crotone. We stopped there with friends on our way to Maxi Conference.
Next comes Typical Sicilian Puppets- these are at Taormina.
Rick contemplating the replacement car we may want to buy when we get home.
Last, Matera, a city near Taranto that we stopped to see on the way home from the Maxi Conference. Matera is where Mel Gibson filmed "The Passion of Christ".
It has been a tiring week with the mission auditor here for 3 days (whew- we passed so they are not going to fire us), packing tons of stuff to be delivered to the other side of the mission, starting to pack up the office, sorting, labeling, tote and carrying (don't remember those in the job description). All is good and we work with wonderful people!! Love sharing the gospel because it makes us all better..

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