Thursday, April 8, 2010

An April greeting from Catania. The last couple of weeks have been quite busy with a trip to Malta (to conduct an audit, speak in sacrament and, oh okay, a little site seeing) followed by a week end of General Conference (not too bad viewing on the computer) and a fine Easter dinner with branch members. The dinner had a mini United Nations feel to it with a fine family from the Philippines (the Manas), our great newly baptised brother from Sri Lanka (Jayasinghe) and sweet sister Lillian from Nigeria. We felt blessed to dine, watch conference, and reflect on the reality of the Resurrection with such good friends.

The English class is still a fun challenge. Last Tuesday, we departed from the usual instruction to view a concert put on by 6 sister missionaries. Such talent! Violin, piano and beautiful harmonious singing with testimonies of the Savior by each young woman. A truly special evening.

We are also working towards the upcoming mission merge. July 1st is the target date for closing the doors in Catania and heading north to Roma. We have two more transfers with one coming next week, a lot to pack (and some to toss) to say nothing about our own move. But hey, we have a new mission car....a 2010 Opel Meriva. It is smooth riding and spacier than our little Ford Fiesta but the transmission leaves something to be desired.

This is a week of birthdays with grand daughters Caitlyn and Ashlyn earlier this week, Robyn (who is expecting!) having her birthday today and industrious Jan's tomorrow. Enjoy the springtime and have a little Italian food this week!!


  1. We're supposed to be getting an Opel Meriva, too! We will miss our Renault Scenic, which is really a nice car. It has a radio, rides great, and shifts like a dream. Hopefully, they won't change us out too soon.

  2. And. . . we are riding noisy trains and buses to get where we need to go. Where is the equality here? Loved hearing more of what you are doing. Keep it coming.

  3. I would LOVE some good Italian food! Your Easter sounded lovely! Miss you

  4. Hopefully you had a great Easter! Love you guys!!!