Monday, March 15, 2010

When you look at the cemetary you can see Mount Etna in the background. Rick and I walked around and it was beautifully kept up- unlike anything we have seen here in Italy. It was a busy weekend but good. We had a branch social, bowling at Sigonella on Saturday. We took Sister Lilian. Sunday Dad conducted and spoke, I led the music (another sister has been called to lead the Sacrament music but we haven't seen her since the call.) I spoke and then taught joint RS/Preisthood. Whew! Glad that Sunday is over. Lilian has returned to our branch after 4 months visiting family in Nigeria. She has two children there. She came to Catania 10 years ago and left her children 12 and 8 with her sister. She said wages are so low there that she could not make enough to send her kids to school and support them. So she has a little shop here and sends money home every month. Her son has finished university and is starting law school. Her daughter is 2nd year university and is planning on medical school. It is so amazing to think what others have to do just to get a better life. Kim, in Dad's talk on "Eternal Families" he talked about how you teach your children and hope they learn good things. Then he read your card out loud to demonstrate what a good job we had done. It says- "money doesn't grow on trees before their hatched.......the early bird gets a job worth doing well.....and two wrongs don't make a penny earned....and you thought everything you said goes in one ear, and walked a mile in their shoes. It was the perfect foil to his talk.

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  1. Sounds like you guys are atill being kept super busy. That is a realy pretty cemetary.